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[Note:  If you would like a downloadable copy of the script, for the "Unity and You and More" video (with its scriptural references), please click here.]


[Also Note:  If you would like to see another video, about our need to be united, as Christians, which is entitled "Unity Among Christians (Lupe Olan)", please click here.]


A Brief Introduction

Every century, every decade, every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute, every second, and every moment, people are dying, who need to have heard the "truth," the "full" Gospel, or the "unedited" version of the Word of God, so that they might go to heaven (instead of going to hell, and to the lake of fire and brimstone, exactly like Satan wants them to), and so that they might be blessed, now, on earth (instead of suffering, now, on earth, exactly like Satan also wants them to).

[Note:  People can be blessed, or cursed, in eternity, as well as now, on earth.  And, knowing what God has taught me, I feel a need to help people, with both their temporal, and their eternal lives.  Jesus Christ came, to give people life, life more abundantly, and eternal life.  In other words, true Christianity involves people being blessed, forever, starting now.  So, please keep that in mind, as you qualify my ministry, and what it might mean, to you, and to others, all over the world.]

[Also Note:  If you don't yet know me, or if you don't yet know, what I have been doing, am doing, and will be doing (by the grace of God), for the Lord, and for His Kingdom, please click here, to visit, where you can learn more, and also benefit, above and beyond what you might be able to learn, and how you might be able to benefit, from this website (which focuses on uniting the true and faithful, so that we can work together, on doing any of a number of things, as a united Body of Christ, or Church).  Knowing about God's Kingdom, and about what God requires of those who wish to get into heaven, etc., is critical, because even God's own people are destroyed, for a lack of knowledge, or ignorance, about what the "written" Word of God (or the Holy Bible) actually says, and means (see Hos. 4:6).  And, remember: God's people (who are saved, and who are washed by the blood of the Lamb, etc.) are extremely important to Him, as well as the lost.]

Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God (see Rom 10:17).  And, the "whole" Word of God is what I preach, no matter how many people like it, or do NOT like it.  And, those who like it, help me, to preach it, on a local, national, and international basis.

[Note:  Just as Jesus was hated, Jesus' Brethren (including me) will always be hated, by those who are of the world, of the flesh, or of the devil; however, those who are of God, and who are led by the Spirit of God, love Jesus (and they also obey Him), and they love Jesus' Brethren (see Mat. 24:9-13, John 15:18-25, Rom. 8:14, Luke 8:19-21, Luke 10:16, John 14:15-26, and 1John 4:7-11, etc.).]

As co-laborers, or co-workers (with Jesus, and with one another), we have a HUGE "job" to do.

We have a nation to save, and a world to influence.

And, you can help.

[Note:  America has only been free, and prosperous, and great, "because" of Jesus.  And, true and faithful Christians are NOT going to let Satan have her, no matter how many ignorant people have decided, to follow that snake (Satan), or to even allow him, to have his way (either knowingly, or unknowingly).  And, saving America, and the liberty, and the justice for all, and more, that she represents, is of major concern, to those of us who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to understand.  AND, this precisely identifies the group that I am trying to reach, and to unite, and to help be wiser, and more prosperous, and more healthy, and a whole lot more.]

No preacher goes to battle, wielding the sword of the Spirit (which is the Word of God), etc., at his own charges, or at his own expense.  Rather, he is "sent," by those who already KNOW, that what he has to say, and do, is vitally important.  So, if that is how you feel, about me, and about what I have to say, and do, please support my ministry (prayerfully, and financially, etc.) ‐‐ which ministry requires hiring professionals, who have helped, who do help, and who will help all of us.

[Note:  Laborers are worthy of their hire.  And, making unity happen (which is what we focus on) is not only a COMMANDMENT (see Mat. 12:30, KJV), with some very serious ramifications, for those who will "obey" that commandment (and others), as well as for those who will NOT "obey" that commandment (and others), it is work.  So, we must either do the work, ourselves, or we must pay people, to do the work for us; or we must do a combination of the two.  And, to be more specific, according to the "written" Word of God, or the Holy Bible (see Acts 3:22-23, KJV), everyone, who will NOT obey that commandment (to get, be, and stay gathered, or united, and to help gather, or unite those who believe in Jesus, into "one" fold (which is the Body of Christ, or the Church), with "one" shepherd (who is Jesus)), and others, will be destroyed, from among God's people.  And, today, God's people are called Believers, or Christians.  And, since most people have NOT been taught, about what will happen, to those who refuse to obey Jesus, virtually everyone (including virtually every Christian, and every Non-Christian) is in grave jeopardy, due to "ignorance," about that one "serious" PROMISE ‐‐ which has been "written" in God's Word ‐‐ and, which is an example of the kinds of things that I preach, and that "need" to be preached, on a global basis ‐‐ and, which is an example of why certain people go out of their way, to support my ministry ‐‐ and, which is an example of why I am inviting you, to do the same.  We have a HUGE "job" to do.  So, let's do it.  And, if each of us helps a little (with that HUGE "job"), then, TOGETHER, as "one" Body, we can do a lot.  Instant obedience, to the Spirit of God, and to the "written" Word of God (which is referring to the Holy Bible), and to the "living" Word of God (which is referring to Jesus), is of key importance, to the coordinated, and successful activities of the "one" Body of Christ, or Church, in this world.]

To learn more, about what we have done, already, what we are doing, right now, and what we are planning to do, in the future, and about how all of this works, etc., please click here ‐‐ that, or, if you already know, that you would like to help Jesus, and all of us, to unite, and more (given that unity is up to "us," to manifest, on "purpose," because we actually "want" it), please click here.

And, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions (including questions regarding how to learn more, about what God has taught me, etc.), please leave a message, at (855)JESUS-IS (Voice Mail), and someone will call you back, as soon as possible.

Thank you for your consideration.  And, may the true, and the "living" God bless you, and yours, and all of us. Help us, Lord. Amen.




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